: MoJoe :
Species: Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

7-23-10: MoJoe was found alone on a beach in Homer, AK. He had a laceration on his face, and was too young to be without his mother. Thank you to Joe Meehan of Alaska Department of Fish and Game and his son Willem for observing MoJoe and alerting the Alaska SeaLife Center. Upon admit at the ASLC, MoJoe was found to be dehydrated and underweight. He is estimated to be about 4 months old.

7-24-10: MoJoe had two seizures early this morning, suggesting possible head trauma. Despite the seizures, he has shown improvement throughout the day.

7-26-10: Today MoJoe had a CT scan to look for head trauma. The films will be reviewed by a specialist, but preliminary findings show no significant injuries.

7-29-10: MoJoe has improved significantly since his admit to the ASLC. He spends his days eating, sleeping, swimming and grooming.

8-1-10: Today was a big day for MoJoe - he now has his own room with a big pool to go in and out of as he pleases!

8-8-10: The films from MoJoe's CT scan have been reviewed. In addition to some smaller injuries, he has a broken jaw that can take up to two months to heal.

8-11-10: MoJoe had a routine blood draw and thorough examination today. Since he came to the ASLC as an older pup, veterinarians sedate him for medical procedures. This ensures the safety of both MoJoe and the people working with him. His exam went well and his bloodwork looks good.

8-17-10: MoJoe's caretakers have been working closely with him throught the day to make sure he is comfortable and happy around people. Since he will require constant care and attention from humans for a long period of time, he cannot be released.

8-23-10: MoJoe is becoming increasingly comfortable around the rehabilitation staff and interns that care for him. He is very curious, and is already learning simple behaviors that are asked of him.

8-27-10: MoJoe loves to play with his toys. Banging his ball against any hard surface is particularly fun!

9-6-10: Staff and interns continue to work on simple behaviors with MoJoe while his new home is being decided.

9-12-10: MoJoe is very eager to learn new behaviors. He is learning to go inside his kennel when asked - spending a lot of positive time in the kennel now will make his transport to his new home much less stressful.

9-16-10: Another important behavior MoJoe has picked up quickly is to station where his caretakers ask him to. This makes tasks such as weighing MoJoe simple and stress free. Today he weighs 13.8 kg, or just over 30 pounds.

9-21-10: MoJoe and the rehab team are preparing for the transport to his future home at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. He is expected to be leaving the ASLC in mid-October.

9-23-10: MoJoe will be leaving for Oregon on October 6th!

9-27-10: Today MoJoe had a follow up CT scan, to see if his broken jaw and other injuries are healing properly. The results will determine whether or not he is ready to be introduced to foods with hard shells.

9-30-10: MoJoe's flight to Oregon has been delayed. He's now expected to be leaving the ASLC within another week or two.

10-5-10: Great news! The results of MoJoe's CT scan are in, and his fractures have healed. This means he can be introduced to foods with shells, which is what would make up a large part of his diet if he lived in the wild. Today he had his first razor clam - he loved it!

10-21-10: Today's the big day! MoJoe had a long day of travel, as he was transported from the ASLC to his new home at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, OR.

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