: Antigua :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

8-20-10: Antigua was found on the beach in Dutch Harbor, AK. She had obvious injuries, but returned to the water before she could be captured.

8-22-10: Antigua was spotted again, and she was successfully rescued. Thanks to Reid Brewer for contacting the ASLC and assisting with Antigua's rescue and transport.

8-23-10: Antigua arrived at the Alaska SeaLife Center's rehabilitation facility around 3:00 am. She was stabilized and closely observed by the overnight staff, and was given a thorough veterinary examination first thing in the morning. In addition to the puncture wounds on her body, Antigua is also underweight and dehydrated. She is very feisty and alert though, and is eating fish well on her own.

8-25-10: Antigua has been eating well and gaining weight. She spends most of her time resting on the deck of her pool.

8-27-10: Antigua seems to be slowly losing her appetite. Her bloodwork shows evidence of an infection, so she has been put on antibiotics.

8-28-10: Today Antigua has barely any interest in eating. When she did eat, her caretakers found regurgitated fish in her pool shortly after.

8-30-10: Although her appetite seems to have returned, Antigua is still vomiting. A specialized study was done today so her digestive tract could be examined. The x-ray images taken confirm that Antigua has megaesophagus, a condition where part of the esophagus is enlarged resulting in difficulty swallowing.

9-1-10: Antigua seems to be responding well to the medication being used to treat her megaesophagus. She is being fed smaller amounts of fish more frequently, and has been keeping her food down.

9-5-10: Even though Antigua had been improving over the past five days, today she started vomiting again.

9-6-10: In addition to being unable to keep any food down, Antigua has once again lost her appetite. The rehabilitation team is now tube-feeding a fish mash formula directly into her stomach. This should help to reduce her chance of vomiting and ensure she gets her medications.

9-8-10: Antigua had a trying night. She had numerous seizures due to an extremely low blood-sugar level. She is being administered IV fluids with extra glucose, in an effort to increase the low level of sugar in her blood.

9-9-10: Despite the efforts of the ASLC's veterinary staff and rehabilitation team, Antigua became unresponsive to all treatments early this morning. She was humanely euthanized in order to prevent any further suffering as her body continued to shut down.


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