: Pinot :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-26-11: Pinot was found trying to board a fisherman's boat, with no other seals in the area. He was taken on board of the vessel late that night, and the ASLC was contacted the next day.

5-28-11: After a flight from Cordova, AK to Anchorage and a two hour drive to the SeaLife Center in Seward, Pinot was admitted. He is dehydrated, but otherwise seems to be in good health.

5-31-11: Pinot is now being fed Harbor Seal Formula through a tube that is inserted through his mouth directly to his stomach. Tube-feeding is an effective way to feed animals in rehabilitation quickly and safely, with the smallest likelihood of the pups becomming imprinted on humans. This makes for more successful releases back into the wild.

6-7-11: Within the past week, Pinot has begun to steadily gain weight. He is now tube fed fish formula, and spends his days outside in his own condo, with other seal pups nearby.

6-10-11: Pinot has been lethargic and is vomiting frequently. After drawing a blood sample, it was sent to the in-house laboratory. His white blood cell count is high, indicating an infection.

6-13-11: Since being on antibiotics, Pinot has stopped vomiting and is acting like his normal self.

6-18-11: More tests were run on Pinot today, after spiking a temperature and acting unusually mellow. His infection has become worse. A new course of more aggressive antiobitics were prescribed for Pinot.

6-22-11: Pinot's condition has improved significantly, and his white blood cell count is almost back to normal. He also started fish school yesterday!

6-28-11: Pinot is enjoying chasing live fish. His caretakers are hopeful that he will be eating fish soon.

7-2-11: Pinot doesn't understand that fish are food. He's still being tube-fed fish formula, until he can figure it out.

7-9-11: Another round of fish school started today. Maybe this will be Pinot's lucky week!

7-13-11: Pinot was put in his own pool for part of the day, with the hopes of stimulating his curiosity so he will start eating fish. He found sucking on the wall to be much more exciting.

7-16-11: "Ohhh, that's what fish are for!" Pinot joined the ever growing list of weaned seals in the rehab department, and is now eating whole dead herring as his main diet.

7-21-11: Today Pinot and Pepperjack joined Brie and Sangria in the pre-release pool! A tag was put on his hind flipper for positive identification.

7-26-11: Pinot is socializing nicely and is doing a great job competing with the other seals for fish.

8-10-11: Pinot continues to do well, and is gaining weight steadily.

8-20-11: Pinot is now one of the top contenders for fish in his pool!

8-26-11: Pinot's caretakers report that he is thriving in the pre-release pool.

8-31-11: Pinot had bloodwork done today - all is well!

9-10-11: Pinot's release date is set for the first week in October, in Cordova, AK. He will be equipped with a satellite tag, which will allow researchers to see where he goes after he is released.


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