: Margaux :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-30-11: Margaux was found on a crowded beach by the harbor in Wrangell, AK. Thanks to Chris Pachecho for assisting with Margaux's rescue.

5-31-11: Margaux arrived at the ASLC today. She is estimated to be about 3 days old.

6-2-11: Margaux has been unable to digest her formula, and is vomiting frequently. She is now being tube fed fish formula to help her get the nutrients she needs

6-7-11: "Maaaaaa! Maaaaa!" Margaux has quickly become our most vocal seal pup, and always has something to say.

6-10-11: Margaux has been spending her days in an outdoor condo. Tonight will be her first night staying outside.

6-14-11: Margaux is finally starting to gain some weight - she has gained almost 1 kg since her admit to the ASLC's rehabilitation program.

6-20-11: Today is the start of Margaux's fish school. She will be put in a tote full of water and live fish to chase.

6-28-11: Margaux is eating fish!

7-2-11: Tomorrow Margaux will graduate to a bigger pool, right next to the other seals who are eating fish.

7-9-11: Margaux is enjoying her big pool, and her two neighboring friends - Sangria and Brie!

7-16-11: Margaux is eating well and continues to gain weight. She is fast approaching the minimum release weight of 25 kg.

7-21-11: Today Margaux had routine a routine blood draw. Her tests came back looking good.

7-26-11: Margaux continues to thrive. She is very curious, and can often be seen with her face up against the fence of her enclosure, watching her neighboring seals.

8-10-11: Margaux is one fat and happy seal.

8-18-11: Today Margaux had her pre-release blood draw. Her release date should be set soon!

8-26-11: Margaux continues to thrive - she is still awaiting her release date.

9-2-11: Margaux will likely be released later this month!

9-10-11: Margaux's release date is set for September 26, in Wrangell, AK. She will be equipped with a satellite tag, which will allow researchers to see where she goes after she is released.

9-23-11: This past week, Margaux has been preparing for her release. She now has a flipper tag with a unique number that will allow her to be identified in the wild. A satellite tag was also applied, which will track her movement over the next several months.

9-26-11: Margaux is back in the wild! After a slight hesitation she swam off to her new home.


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