: Sangria :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-2-11: Sangria was observed in the mud flats since early this morning, and her mother has not returned. She was picked up in the afternoon, and went to Diamond Animal Hospital in Anchorage to be stabilized. She arrived at the ASLC late at night. Thank you to Amber Winterbourne, Paul Johnson (PJ), Nichole Nadeau, Mike Johnson, Kevin Moore, and Lyn Dokoozian for assisting with the observation and rescue of Sangria, and to Dr. Kathy Doty, DVM for providing medical care in Anchorage.

6-5-11: Sangria has started getting supervised swims before each feed. Since she is so thin, her water needs to be warmer than most seal pups to ensure she doesn't become chilled.

6-7-11: Within the past few days, Sangria has exposed her feisty side! She is much more active and energetic than when she arrived at the SeaLife Center.

6-10-11: Sangria has become quite the handful! Her caretakers have to exercise extreme caution when handling her - just another reminder that these cute pups are wild animals!

6-13-11: After being switched over to fish formula, Sangria has finally begun to put on some much needed weight.

6-18-11: Fish school starts today! Sangria, like most of the seal pups, immediately started chasing live fish around her tote.

6-21-11: Sangria is now eating fish on her own! She also did well spending her first night outside in her condo.

6-26-11: Sangria is moving to a bigger pool today, where she can have water access throughout the entire day and be exposed to her human caretakers as little as possible. This plays a huge role in keeping the pups wild, resulting in a higher success rate upon release.

7-2-11: Sangria loves her fish and has a big appetite! She is always quick to finish her meals.

7-9-11: Sangria continues to eat well and gain weight. She is almost half way to the ASLC's release weight!

7-16-11: Deemed healthy and able to forage for fish, Sangria and Brie are now sharing the pre-release pool. Flipper tags were applied to each animal for positive identification.

7-26-11: Sangria continues to thrive in the pre-release pool. Last week, two more seals joined her and Brie - Pepperjack and Pinot.

8-10-11: Sangria is almost at release weight! She is one of the top competitors for fish in the pool.

8-18-11: Today Sangria had her pre-release blood draw. Her release date should be set soon!

8-26-11: Sangria continues to do well - she is still awaiting her release date.

9-2-11: Sangria's release date is set for next Thursday, 9-8, in Kenai, AK. She will be released with Brie.

9-8-11: The release went great! Sangria made her way to the ocean quickly and without hesitation. She could be seen this afternoon swimming along the shoreline, checking out her new home.


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