: Pepperjack :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-5-11: Pepperjack was found upstream from Bear Glacier in Seward, AK, with no other seals around. He was picked up by a boat in the area, and the ASLC was contacted.

6-7-11: Pepperjack has transitioned well on to harbor seal formula.

6-8-11: Each new patient is monitored very closely by staff and interns. This makes it easier for them to notice behavior that isn't normal for any given animal. Today Pepperjack was acting more mellow than usual, and his temperature has increased slightly. After running blood work, it is evident that he has a slight infection. Antibiotics were prescribed to help him fight it off.

6-13-11: Pepperjack seems to be feeling better - he is more active and enjoys his swim times. He also started on fish formula today.

6-21-11: Pepperjack's routine blood work today revealed a more severe infection. He will begin a new course of more aggressive antibiotics.

6-25-11: Condo life is great! Pepperjack has moved outside for good now, where he can see and hear all of the other seal pups. He also started fish school this week.

6-28-11: Pepperjack is progressing in fish school - he's able to catch live fish, but isn't quite sure what to do with them after that.

7-2-11: Pepperjack doesn't understand that fish are food. He's still being tube-fed fish formula, until he can figure it out.

7-9-11: This past week, Pepperjack began eating fish! He is now being fed whole herring as his main diet.

7-16-11: Pepperjack has been sharing his pool with Merlot, with the hopes that Merlot will catch on to eating fish. So far, no luck.

7-20-11: Pepperjack has been cleared to enter the pre-release pool, where he can socialize with other seals and compete for fish. A tag was placed on his flipper for proper identification, and he was put in his new pool today.

7-26-11: Pepperjack is doing great in the pre-release pool!

8-10-11: Pepperjack continues to thrive and is gaining weight steadily.

8-20-11: Pepperjack is now one of the top contenders for fish in his pool!

8-26-11: Pepperjack's caretakers report that he is thriving in the pre-release pool.

8-31-11: Pepperjack had bloodwork done today - all is well!

9-10-11: Pepperjack and Colby are scheduled to be released next week! Stop by the beach at Lowell Point in Seward on September 16th to see them off!

9-16-11: The release went great - Pepperjack and Colby are back in the wild.


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