: Napa :
Species: Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida)

6-15-11: Napa was brought into the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Nome after being monitored and picked up by local Nome residents. She has been determined to be non-releasable, due to the NOAA-Ice Seal Committee co-management agreement, which deems all ice seals non-releasable. She is about 4 weeks old.

6-20-11: Shortly after being stabilized at the ASLC's rehabilitation facility, Napa began fish school. She ate live fish on her first try!

6-23-11: Since Napa cannot be released back into the wild, her caretakers have already begun some basic training exercises. She is being hand fed small herring throughout the day.

6-26-11: Napa has her own pool with a large deck that she can haul out on. She has already begun her 30 day quarrantine period, which is a requirement for any animal that leaves the ASLC rehab facility to go to another captive location. This is to ensure that she is free of any known diseases before she goes to her new home.

7-2-11: Napa is beginning to spend a lot more time in the water. She loves to dive to the bottom of her pool.

7-9-11: This past week Napa moved into a larger room with a very big pool - all to herself! She is doing great.

7-13-11: Napa's diet has become more varied. She now enjoys the occasional squid or capelin.

7-20-11: Napa's 30 day quarantine period has run its course, and she has been cleared to move into the mammals department within the ASLC. Since Napa cannot be released back into the wild, the ASLC's mammalogists will work with her closely to begin training desirable behaviors.

7-26-11: Today was Napa's big day! She made the move from rehab to the mammals department, where she will go through yet another 30 day quarantine period. These periods of quarantine are required by the facility to ensure an animal is in good health and free from all diseases, in order to protect the collection animals already at the facility.


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