: Gorgonzola "Gonzo" & Feta :
Species: Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca)

6-29-11: Gorgonzola, or Gonzo for short, arrived at the ASLC's stranding department after being away from his mother for an extended period of time. He is likely a Mallard duckling. It is difficult to sex young birds, so 'his' sex is unknown.

6-30-11: Gonzo gets a friend! Feta arrived this evening. 'She' is much smaller than Gonzo. Staff thinks she may be a Green Winged Teal.

7-2-11: Gonzo and Feta love their swim time! After getting to know each other, Gonzo has taken the role of mentor, showing Feta how to eat, swim and bathe.

7-9-11: Gonzo and Feta are growing like weeds! They are enjoying their own pool where they can swim as they please.

7-13-11: It's official - Gonzo is a male, and Feta is a female!

7-16-11: Gonzo and Feta's feathers are starting to grow in.

7-19-11: It's starting to get difficult to tell the difference between Gonzo and Feta, which means it's time to band them. Today they each had a small band put on one of their legs for easy identification.

7-26-11: Gonzo and Feta continue to grow new feathers each day.

8-10-11: Gonzo and Feta are developing nicely. They both have nearly all of their feathers, and are now living in an outdoor pool.

8-20-11: Aquatic plants have been added to the ducklings' diet. This will make it easier for them to acclimate to their new environment once they are released.

8-26-11: Gonzo and Feta are ready to go back to the wild! Their release will likely happen within the next week.

9-1-11: Today is the big day! The sun is shining, and the ducklings have been released! As soon as they left their kennel, they began dabbling on the weeds in their new lake home.


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