: Parmesan :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

7-15-11: Parmesan was found on the beach with apparent injuries to his flippers and head. Thank you to Dana Witucki and Sera Baxter for finding, reporting and observing Parmesan until ASLC staff could arrive.

7-16-11: Upon admit, Parmesan was found to have multiple lacerations on his flippers and head, as well as a golf ball sized lump on the side of his head. Despite his injuries, he is in fairly good condition.

7-19-11: Yesterday the ASLC vet staff explored the lump on Parmesan's head. A lot of puss was extracted, and the wound was flushed clean. He has his own pool to swim in throughout the day, and is eating fish on his own.

7-26-11: This past week Parmesan was moved outside to a pool with 24-hour water access. He is doing great!

8-10-11: Parmesan is being treated for tapeworms. Despite the parasite, he continues to eat well and gain weight.

8-20-11: Parmesan has completed his treatment for intestinal parasites, and has moved into a pool with Bleu. They now have to compete with each other for fish.

8-26-11: Parmesan and Bleu are highly competetive, and are thriving.

9-1-11: Parmesan had bloodwork done today - all is well! He also has another pool mate, Port.

9-10-11: Today Parmesan moved into the largest pre-release pool. He now has to compete with five other seals for his fish.

9-23-11: Parmesan and Merlot will be released together on Friday, September 30 in Homer, AK. It will be a public release at Bishop's Beach at 3:30 pm.

9-30-11: Parmesan and Merlot are off! After making their way out of their kennels, they quickly entered the ocean and swam off together.


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