: Bleu :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

7-23-11: Bleu was found on the beach in Homer, AK. He was underweight, with no signs of his mother in the area. Thank you to NOAA, and to Josh Tobin for the assessment and collection of Bleu.

7-26-11: Bleu is already in his own pool with deck space which he can haul out onto as he pleases. He's on an all fish diet, and has already started gaining weight since his admit.

8-10-11: Bleu is being treated for tapeworms. Despite the parasite, he continues to eat well and gain weight.

8-20-11: Bleu has completed his treatment for intestinal parasites, and has moved into a pool with Parmesan. They now have to compete with each other for fish.

8-26-11: Bleu and Parmesan are highly competetive, and are thriving.

9-1-11: Bleu had bloodwork done today - all is well! He also has another pool mate, Port.

9-10-11: Bleu has a tentative release date in early October. Until then, he will be fed a diet high in calories to increase his body weight.

9-23-11: Bleu and Port will be released on October 8, in Homer, AK.


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