: Swiss :
Species: Common Loon (Gavia immer)

7-31-11: Swiss was transferred to the ASLC from the Alaska Wild Bird Rehab Center. He was found on the beach with an injured wing. X-rays were taken during his admit exam, which appear to be normal.

8-6-11: Swiss has been eating well since his admit to the ASLC. He is gaining weight steadily.

8-10-11: Sores have started to form on Swiss's feet. He is now being encouraged to spend most of his time in the water, as he would in the wild.

8-20-11: Swiss is now at a more appropriate weight, and his wing seems to have a better range of motion than when he came to the ASLC.

8-26-11: Swiss continues to eat well and is stable. He is getting physical therapy on his injured wing daily, in order to increase his range of motion.

9-2-11: The range of motion in Swiss's wing hasn't improved much since his admit to the ASLC.

9-4-11: Although Swiss had appeared to be healthy, we are sad to report that he had passed away overnight. Necropsy showed that he had an infection that had gone undetected in his bloodwork. The infection most likely originated at the site of his wing injury.


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