: Cheddar :
Species: Common Loon (Gavia immer)

9-3-11: The ASLC's Stranding Department received Cheddar from Alaska WildBird Rehabilitation Center in Houston, AK. The loon was rescued two days earlier, with small puncture wounds, poor waterproofing and a low body weight.

9-5-11: Cheddar's bloodwork indicates that she has an infection. She will receive antibiotics to clear it up.

9-10-11: Cheddar's waterproofing has improved dramatically, and she is now spending all of her time in the water.

9-17-11: Cheddar is eating well and appears to be healthy. She will have a veterinary exam within the next few days, which will determine if she is ready to be released.

9-23-11: The day has come! Cheddar passed all health exams, and is on her way back home to the wild in Wasilla, AK.


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