: Hurdles :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-20-12: A premature Harbor Seal pup was found on the beach in Homer, AK. After close observation by Kristen Worman and Robin Edmondson of USFWS, it was determined the pup's mother would not return. Thanks to Deb Tobin of the ASLC's Homer Stranding Network for her assistance with the rescue of the pup, Dr. Jen Brando from Homer Veterinary Clinic for providing initial care, and to Kasey Mayhew of NOAA for transporting the pup to Soldotna.

5-21-12: After a thorough veterinary examination at the ASLC's rehabilitation center, the pup was deemed in good overall body condition. She has a small wound near her front flipper, which will be treated with frequent sterile flushes and antibiotics.

5-23-12: Congratulations to Sandra Lyu for her purchase of "A Release to Remember" at the 2012 Alaska SeaLife Center's Marine Gala! As part of her donation, Sandra was able to choose a name for the pup. The name she chose was Hurdles. The funds donated will go toward the rehabilitation of Hurdles, and Sandra will join the ASLC for her release at the end of the summer.

5-26-12: Hurdles has started fish school, and is chasing live fish well.

5-29-12: Hurdles' bloodwork from this morning looks good, so she no longer needs to be on antibiotics.

6-1-12: Today Hurdles and Olympia moved outside. They each get their own "condo" - an area where they are sheltered from heavy rain or sun, and their caretakers can control their access to a pool.

6-8-12: Hurdles is eating fish! She's still a bit young to be weaned, so she will be fed pieces of herring supplemented with fish formula for another week or two.

6-13-12: Hurdles is one step closer to being weaned - she now gets tube fed twice a day, and eats three meals of fish.

6-17-12: Now that Hurdles is of age to be weaned, she is on a diet of only fish. She is doing great!

6-23-12: Hurdles has been moved to a larger pool, where she has water access 24 hours a day.

6-28-12: Today Olympia and Hurdles are spending some time in the same pool, competing for fish.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Hurdles and Olympia are celebrating by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Hurdles is well on her way to being released. Release criteria include a weight of 25 kg, passing a final veterinary exam and being able to compete and forage for fish.

7-13-12: Today a tag was applied to one of Hurdles' rear flippers to help identify her after her release.

7-18-12: Hurdles has been moved to the big pre-release pool to socialize with other seals and compete for fish with minimal human interaction.

8-5-12: Today Hurdles had her pre-release bloodwork done. Results are in - she is healthy and will be released with Apolo tomorrow in Homer, AK.

8-6-12: Hurdles and Apolo were released today!


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