: Picabo :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-31-12: Picabo arrived at Anchorage airport late tonight on a flight from Juneau, AK. She was orphaned, underweight and dehydrated.

6-2-12: Last night Picabo became very lethargic and started to have minor seizures. Her blood glucose level was very low. She was treated with fluids containing dextrose, a type of sugar, injected underneath her skin. Subcutaneous fluids absorb quickly, and she began to brighten up shortly after receiving her treatment.

6-4-12: The last few days have been touch and go, but Picabo has finally seemed to stabilize. She is on antibiotics to fight an infection, and has begun the transition to Harbor Seal Formula.

6-8-12: Picabo has begun spending the nicer part of the days outside in her own condo. Her infection has cleared, and she no longer needs antibiotics.

6-13-12: Picabo is now over two weeks old, and is being tube fed Fish Formula to get her digestive system accustomed to fish.

6-17-12: Picabo has minimal interest in fish, but will ocasionally chase a live one during fish school.

6-23-12: Picabo has made a quick transition to fish! She will be fed whole herring for three meals each day, and tube fed fish formula for additional nutrition at her other two feeding times.

6-28-12: Picabo is now fully weaned, and is living in a larger pool with full water access throughout the day.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Picabo now shares a pool with Apolo - they are celebrating by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Picabo is well on her way to being released. Release criteria include a weight of 25 kg, passing a final veterinary exam and being able to compete and forage for fish.

7-13-12: Today a tag was applied to one of Picabo's rear flippers to help identify her after her release.

7-18-12: Picabo has been moved to the big pre-release pool to socialize with other seals and compete for fish with minimal human interaction.

8-5-12: Picabo continues to thrive. She is waiting for the arrival of her release date, which remains to be determined.

8-24-12: Picabo and Olympia were released today in Juneau, AK!


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