: Ali :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-4-12: A male seal pup was found alone on the beach in Halibut Cove, near Homer, AK. Thank you to Marian Beck for reporting the stranding to the Alaska SeaLife Center's 24-hour stranding hotline and for monitoring the pup, and to Ashley Maury for monitoring him and providing his photo taken before rescue.

6-5-12: Ali is a big boy! Weighing in at 11.0 kg (24.2 lbs) and just one day old, he's already bigger than most of our other patients. He also has a fleshy umbilicus - a sure sign of his young age.

6-8-12: Ali is already swimming before almost every feed, and chases live fish during his swim times. Since he is underweight, he still has trouble maintaining a normal temperature after swimming.

6-13-12: Ali is finally starting to put on some weight, and has begun to spend some time outside in a condo near the other seals.

6-17-12: At two weeks old, Ali is now being transitioned to a fish formula that will get his digestive system accustomed to fish.

6-23-12: Ali is doing great outside. He is given access to his pool all day long, and spends every night in his outdoor condo.

6-28-12: Ali is making slow progress in fish school. He loves to catch and eat live fish, but isn't quite sure yet what to do with dead fish.

7-4-12: Ali is a big boy, but he's still young. He is still being tube fed fish formula until he figures out how to eat fish on his own.

7-11-12: Salmon are Ali's fish of choice. His caretakers are trying everything they can to get him interested in herring, the staple diet of most of the animals at the ASLC's rehabilitation facility.

7-18-12: Although Ali is still struggling to eat herring on his own, he has moved to a bigger pool this past week.

7-22-12: Ali has great news to share - he has started eating fish all on his own! He is now receiving a full diet of herring.

7-29-12: Today Ali's blood work shows that he no longer needs antibiotics. He's been given a flipper tag and will be moved to a pool with other seals within the next week.

8-5-12: Ali is now in the largest pre-release pool with four other seals, where he continues to thrive. He is waiting for the arrival of his release date, which remains to be determined.

8-27-12: Ali has been spending the last few weeks in the largest pre-release pool. He's been socializing with the rest of the seals from the Homer area, and is competing well for fish.

9-2-12: Ali is ready to be released! As long as his final blood draw shows that he is healthy, he will be released on September 9th.

9-9-12: Today Ali and Aerial returned home to the ocean - another successful release!


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