: Moe :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-13-12: A young seal pup has been seen climbing onto the back of a fishing boat for the past two days. Since his mother has not come back to get him, the pup was reported to the Alaska SeaLife Center's 24-hour stranding hotline. The ASLC gave the callers authorization to take the pup on board their vessel to be sent to the rehabilitation facility. Thank you to Olivia and Ed for observation and initial care of the pup, and to Beth at Icicle Foods, Jackie at PenAir and Sheri Anderson for their assistance in caring for and transporting the pup. Also thank you to PenAir for donating the pup's flight to Anchorage.

6-14-12: The male harbor seal pup has been named Moe, after the Olympic skier Tommy Moe. Thank you to Shell for their significant donation to the rehabilitation program, who also named Moe. Moe is about two days old.

6-17-12: Moe has gained strength quickly. With tube-feedings every four hours, he is now well hydrated and has started to put on some weight.

6-23-12: Moe has started fish school! So far, he has little interest in the live fish that are given to him.

6-28-12: Moe's instincts have begun to kick in, and he's started chasing live fish. He is also on antibiotics to treat a possible infection, and appears to be responding well to treatment.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Moe has exciting news - he is celebrating the holiday by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Moe is well on his way to being released. Release criteria include a weight of 25 kg, passing a final veterinary exam and being able to compete and forage for fish.

7-18-12: Moe has continued to do well this week.

8-5-12: Moe continues to thrive. His caretakers hope to move him to a bigger pool over the next few days so he can socialize with Flo Jo and Sydney.

9-1-12: Moe has been spending the last few weeks in a series of pre-release pools. He's been socializing with the rest of the seals from the Bristol Bay area, and is competing well for fish.

9-10-12: Moe, Flo Jo and Sydney are expected to be released on September 16, pending a final blood work up.

9-16-12: The three seals from the Egegik area have been released back to the wild - all went well.


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