: Kerrigan :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-16-12: Kerrigan, a female harbor seal pup, was found in Dutch Harbor with an injury to the face. Thank you to Reid Brewer for observations and initial care of the pup, and to PenAir Cargo for providing transportation to Anchorage.

6-17-12: Kerrigan's initial exam shows signs of a fractured jaw, as well as a number of puncture wounds around her mouth. She may have been attacked by another animal before her rescue. Today x-rays will be taken, and ASLC veterinarians will do a more in depth examination.

6-23-12: Kerrigan has had a busy week. Her jaw has been wired together in the proper position so it can heal correctly. She is being given medication for pain, and antibiotics to fight off an infection. Despite these bumps in the road, she is eating fish like a champ and gaining strength every day.

6-28-12: Kerrigan has moved into a bigger pool where she has water access throughout the day and night. Swimming in salt water is keeping her wounds clean and helping them to heal nicely.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Kerrigan is celebrating the holiday by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: This past week Kerrigan had the wire removed from around her jaw. Her jaw is healing nicely, and her condition continues to improve.

7-18-12: Tapeworms, a common parasite, were found in Kerrigan's feces. She was treated with a one time de-worming injection.

8-5-12: Kerrigan is thriving. She is expected to be introduced to other seals over the next few days, in order to socialize and compete for fish.

9-1-12: Kerrigan has been spending the last few weeks in a series of pre-release pools. She's been socializing with other seals from her area, and is competing well for fish.

9-22-12: Kerrigan's release date is set - she will return to the wild in Dutch Harbor on September 26, pending a final veterinary examination and blood work.

9-26-12: Kerrigan's release went well today! She was fitted with a satellite tag before her release, which will allow ASLC staff to track her movement for up to a year.


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