: Flo Jo :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-18-12: A harbor seal pup was found swimming along side a fisherman's boat. The pup had an infected eye, and was underweight. Remmie Murrey contacted the ASLC through their 24-hour stranding hotline, and took the pup on board with the SeaLife Center's authorization.

6-19-12: Thank you to Tom Rodgers of Icicle Foods for caring for the pup overnight, and to PenAir for providing transportation to Anchorage. The pup, a female, arrived at the ASLC late this evening, and was examined by the Center's veterinary staff. She is estimated to be about two weeks old.

6-23-12: Flo Jo, named after the Olympic runner Florence Griffith-Joyner, is stable since her admit to the ASLC's rehabilitation department. She is receiving antibiotics for the infection in her eye, and has supervised swims throughout the day.

6-28-12: Since starting treatment with antibiotics, Flo Jo's eye infection has appeared to clear up significantly. Blood work will help determine if she needs to continue her current treatment.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Flo Jo is celebrating the holiday by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Flo Jo's condition continues to improve. Her infected eye looks considerably better, although it is unknown whether she can see from it.

7-18-12: An eye specialist is expected to visit sometime within the next week to give us further insight on Flo Jo's eye condition.

7-29-12: Good news - Flo Jo has sight in her eye that was infected! Surgery will not be necessary.

8-5-12: Flo Jo continues to thrive. Her caretakers hope to move her to a bigger pool over the next few days so she can socialize with Moe and Sydney.

9-1-12: Flo Jo has been spending the last few weeks in a series of pre-release pools. She's been socializing with the rest of the seals from the Bristol Bay area, and is competing well for fish.

9-10-12: Flo Jo, Moe and Sydney are expected to be released on September 16, pending a final blood work up.

9-16-12: The three seals from the Egegik area have been released back to the wild - all went well. Flo Jo was fitted with a satellite tag that will be used to track her location as she moves in search of food.


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