: Walrus calf 3 :
Species: Pacific Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus)

7-29-12: A male walrus calf was found on the beach in Barrow, AK. With authorization from USFWS, the calf was picked up and transferred to ASLC staff, who had just made contact with a different walrus calf in town. This new calf was visibly underweight and dehydrated, and without his mother anywhere in sight.

7-30-12: The calf was transported to Anchorage by the US Coast Guard, where ASLC staff drove the last leg to Seward. Once at the SeaLife Center, he was evaluated by veterinarian staff and blood work was run. The calf is weak and unable to suckle, so he must be fed with a tube that delivers food directly into his stomach.

7-31-12: The walrus calf has been in very critical condition since he arrived at the ASLC. Although he seemed to be slowly improving and became more energetic as time went by, he passed away this evening. Necropsy reports show that he had multiple complications due to starvation, which was the cause of death.


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