: Draco :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

8/5/13: Draco was released today at Bishop's Beach in Homer, along with Dipper and Lyra. Good Luck in the wild Draco, and thanks to everyone who came out to see him off!

8/3/13: Our 3 ODL 5 seals have been doing so well, vet staff has decided they are ready to release! Blood samples were taken today to confirm they are healthy, and they will be fed a large final meal to get them ready for the wild! Dipper will be given a Satellite tag, so look for Draco as the grey seal with no tag in the release picture to come!

7/26/13: The seals are thriving in their larger pool! Weights were taken today, and Draco is now 19.9 kg, up 2 kgs from a week ago! Gaining weight is an important part of their rehabilitation, as we want them catching fish and building blubber to prepare them for release.

7/18/13:Today was a very exciting day for our little seal! Not only did him move into a new larger pool, but he has been given a name, Draco, after the dragon constellation! This new pool is significantly larger, with more room to dive, and allows us to feed Draco, Dipper, and Lyra without them seeing us. Our staff calls it the "Graduation Pool" because it is one of the final steps toward release.

7/13/13: The seals in the ODLs all had blood draws today. Blood samples help our veterinary staff to determine how healthy an animal is, and whether any previous infections or deficiencies are under control.

7/12/13: Living in an ODL is going so well for our seal, that we have decided to open to doors to the other pools and let him socialize with the other seals. Staff will be extra observant to make sure all the seals are getting along and eating well. We will also start feeding at random times to better reflect how he will acquire food in the wild. He has been marked with an orange dot so that we are able tell him apart from the other light gray seal, Dipper. The seals also all received ID tags in their flippers, his number is 127.

7/10/13: Based on results of a blood test, the seal has been taken off of the antibiotics he had been receiving. He now lives in and ODL pool that has a much larger deck and deeper pool, where he is eating whole herring for his feeds.

7/1/13: Our boy is now eating pieces of Herring and some smaller whole fish! As he continues to get better at eating fish, he will be transitioned to an all fish diet, with vitamin supplementation.

6/24/13: A lot has happened in a week! The pup has now been spending time in a larger enclosure called a condo, and is currently chasing live fish when they are put into his pool.

6/17/13: The little seal is gaining weight nicely on Harbor Seal formula, and has been playful and vocal during his swims.

6/9/13: The pup was given ice today to help keep his temperature cool, and he really enjoyed playing with it! He is also starting to appear more hydrated.

6/8/13: Our staff has been giving the pup subcutaneous fluids to help relieve his dehydration. He has been sleeping a lot since he arrived.

6/7/13: A Seal pup was observed alone and very vocal on a beach near Selo, in Homer. After observing the pup to ensure that it was abandoned, and that it's mother would not be returning, Deb of the Homer Stranding Network picked up the seal with permission from ASLC Staff. Many thanks to Deb, who assisted in getting the seal to ASLC staff. The pup was determined to be an underweight 3 day old Male.


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