: Lyra :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

8/5/13: Lyra was released today at Bishop's Beach in Homer, along with Dipper and Draco. Good Luck in the wild Lyra, and thanks to everyone who came out to see her off!

8/3/13: Our 3 ODL 5 seals have been doing so well, vet staff has decided they are ready to release! Blood samples were taken today to confirm they are healthy, and they will be fed a large final meal to get them ready for the wild! Dipper and Draco are much lighter than Lyra, so look for Lyra as the darker almost black seal with no tag in the release picture to come!

7/26/13: The seals are thriving in their larger pool! Weights were taken today, and Lyra is now 16.6 kg, up 1.4 kgs from a week ago! Gaining weight is an important part of their rehabilitation, as we want them catching fish and building blubber to prepare them for release.

7/18/13: Lyra moved into a new pool today, ODL 5. This new pool is significantly larger, with more room to dive, and allows us to feed Draco, Dipper, and Lyra without them seeing us. Our staff calls it the "Graduation Pool" because it is one of the final steps toward release. Staff took measurements of her curved and maximum width and length, which we can compare to those taken at her admit exam to help track her growth.

7/13/13: The seals in the ODLs all had blood draws today. Blood samples help our veterinary staff to determine how healthy an animal is, and whether any previous infections or deficiencies are under control.

7/12/13: Lyra is doing so well in the ODL, that we have decided to open to doors to the other pools and let her socialize with the other seals. Staff will be extra observant to make sure all the seals are getting along and eating well. We will also start feeding at random times to better reflect how she will acquire food in the wild.

7/11/13: Lyra was moved to an ODL today, which has a larger pool for diving and more deck space. Our staff will watch her carefully to make sure she can haul out of the pool easily, and that she is able to dive after her herring. If all goes well, and she looks comfortable, we will leave her water access open throughout the night!

7/10/13: The little girl is now eating whole herring! She seems to have a little more trouble than the other seals when it comes to orienting them, but she is learning quickly.

7/5/13: Lyra killed her fish today! During fish school over the past few days she has been very focused and tracking fish around her pool well. We hope to see her eating fish in a few days.

6/24/13: Lyra is now living outside in a condo, like PV 1301 and PV 1303. She has started chasing fish during her swim times and has even caught a few. This is a great first milestone on the road to eating fish for all her feeds!

6/17/13: A big Thank You goes out to our Ocean Sciences Club here at the ASLC for naming the little girl "Lyra." This name was chosen to fit our naming theme this summer, All Things Night Sky, and is a 5 star constellation. Lyra has been swimming before her feeds and particularly enjoys splashing.

6/10/13: The little girl has been receiving subcutaneous fluids, but is looking decently hydrated. She has a much darker coat pigment, and is slightly more active than the other seals, so her personality is really starting to shine.

6/8/13: Upon arrival at the Alaska SeaLife Center, the pup was examined by our vet staff, and it was determined that she is our first female of the season! She is estimated to be about 7 days old, and is slightly underweight.

6/7/13: A small Harbor seal pup was spotted alone on the beach near the OSK dock in Nikiski. After observing the seal for a few hours, ASLC staff authorized volunteers to pick up the seal.


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