: Nuka :
Species: Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

2/23/14: Oregon Coast Aquarium reports Nuka is transitioning well to his new home.

2/21/14: Today is Nuka's transport day! He will be moving to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, where he will serve as an ambassador for his species.

9/22/13: Nuka is up to 10.8 kg and is doing very well in the I. Sea. U. here at the Alaska SeaLife Center. He is currently learning to sit on a scale, and enter and exit the water on command.

7/25/13: Our little man may have lost a tooth yesterday. He was observed chewing on some ice in an unusual manner. Staff have been watching for soreness, but he seems perfectly happy, and is eating well so we are not overly concerned.

7/18/13: Nuka is adjusting well to life in the I Sea U. His coat is looking great, even with all the extra swim time. He is learning to stay at his station, a particular spot at the edge of the pool, during feeds, though he does occasionally crowd Agnes during feeds.

7/16/13: We are proud to announce that the otters have names! The little boy is Nuka. Our rehab animals are often named after rookeries and haul-outs in the state of Alaska. Many thanks to Major Marine, and Kenai Fjords Tours for choosing such wonderful names for our little otters!

7/13/13: Both Otters moved to our I Sea U today! This new habitat is able to be viewed by the public, and features a large deep pool for them to learn to dive in. The staff is very excited to see how they progress with diving and sleeping in the water. Come see them!

7/10/13: During feeds, our staff have been introducing the idea of following us around the room and laying down where we point. the boy is doing very well with this, and has caught on quickly! He has also been switched to feeds every 4 hours so that he is on the same schedule as the girl.

6/24/13: Because of his increased weight and consistently good defecations, staff have decided to move the Boy otter's feeds to every 3 hours.

6/20/13: Our little bay has seemed especially hungry between feeds so we have increased the amount of solids in his diet. He has gotten much better at grooming himself, and his coat is looking fantastic!

6/17/13: The Boy and Girl otters have been interacting well with each other, and have even started to groom each other when in the crib together.

6/13/13: The boy's crib has been moved into the room that the girl has been living in. This is the first step to introducing them and getting them used to socializing with other otters. Staff will watch all interactions carefully to determine if they can be allowed to live in the same space, with the hope that eventually they can be together unsupervised.

6/10/13: Over the past few days, the staff has been slowly adjusting the male otter's diet to find a good combination of formula and clams. The boy is now eating every two hours, which give the staff a lot of opportunities to groom him. He seems to really enjoy lying in a shallow bucket of ice cubes we have made available to him!

6/6/13: The boy has gotten significantly stronger, and has started trying to shred the bottle. Instead of liquid formula, he is now being fed frozen cubes of Sea Otter Formula. He is incredibly enthusiastic with the formula cubes, and the increased caloric intake should help him gain weight quickly!

6/3/13: Staff have been giving the pup fluids via a tube every two hours, and because he is a little bit older, slowly offering pieces of clam. He seems to really love the calms, and is gaining strength with each tubing. We have been offering him a bottle of Sea Otter Formula but he has no interest in suckling.

6/2/13: A full admit exam was performed, and the boy is very skinny, with a poor coat. Otters must groom their coat throughout they day to keep it waterproof, and mothers will often take most of the responsibility for this for the pup. ASLC staff will take over this role, gently grooming him with towels until his coat improves. He was also put on weekly antibiotics as a result of a blood test.

6/1/13: An otter pup was found abandoned in Kodiak, AK. A Veterinarian in Kodiak, Dr. Melissa Smith, assisted the ASLC by collecting and stabilizing the otter, thank you so much Dr. Smith! ASLC Vets picked up the otter in Anchorage and performed a brief exam. The pup is 6-8 weeks old and a male. He arrived at the ASLC Rehabilitation Facility just before midnight.


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