: PH 1301 :
Species: Ringed Seal (Pusa hispida)

7/21/13: We are so sorry to report that the Ringed Seal has passed away. A full necropsy will be performed at an external facility to attempt to determine cause of death.

7/19/13: This particular Ringed seal was deemed non-releasable, so staff tried feeding her with tongs today to help build a positive association with humans. She figured out very quickly that the food was coming from people. This is an important step in making her easier to train and manage. She also started swimming in deeper water today and loved it!

7/18/13: The pup did very well overnight, maintaining her temperature well and defecating well. She was very feisty when we tried to tube her fluids earlier today! Because she is a slightly older pup, we decided to see if the Ringed seal would eat fish. Staff offered some live salmon and pieces of herring and she ate them right up!

7/17/13: The Alaska SeaLife Center was contacted about a Ringed seal pup in Kotzebue, AK. Upon picking up the pup in Anchorage, Staff found two small wounds on the female pup's hind flipper, and right eyelid. The Ringed seal was estimated to be about 2 months old by the lack of an umbilical cord. The pup was given some ice, and began the journey back the the ASLC's Rehabilitation Facility!


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