: Aurora :
Species: Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

9/11/13: Aurora was found in Homer, AK, trying to eat barnacles at the water's edge. Still dependent on her mother who was nowhere to be seen, Aurora was rescued by Homer Stranding Network volunteers with permission from USFWS.

9/20/13: Aurora is mostly weaned, and with the help of a thorough physical exam performed by staff veterinarians has been aged at 3-4 months old.

10/14/13: As a dependent pup, Aurora relies on her human caretakers for food, just as she would rely on her mother in the wild. This makes Aurora a poor candidate for release. USFWS will place her in an aquarium setting where she will serve as an ambassador for her species.

12/11/13: Mammalogists at the Alaska SeaLife Center have been teaching Aurora, Agnes and Nuka new behaviors. These behaviors will aid in providing the otters with healthy and stress-free lives.

2/28/14: Aurora now weighs 13.8 kg. ASLC Mammalogists continue to work on new and existing behaviors with her. This not only helps caretakers to manage otters with ease and minimal stress to the animal, but it also creates a stimulating and enriching environment.


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