: Poppy (aka Sage of Egegik) :
Species: Harbor Seal

6/13 - Poppy was observed in Egegik by Matt Davis, Alannah Rice, and Lucas Tanaka for two days prior to being sent to Seward. Poppy was supported with electrolytes by Bonnie and Bocce Perata, which may have saved her life while flights were unavailable for two days.

6/15 - Poppy arrived at the SeaLife Center dehydrated and thin and is currently being tubed harbor seal formula.

6/20 – Poppy is currently residing in a tote. Throughout the day, water is added to the tote to allow her to swim while supervised.

6/23 – Poppy was moved to the ‘condos’ today – habitats which have a deck and a pool for her to explore.

6/29 – Follow-up measurements of Poppy were made today. She is 83 centimeters long.

7/3 – Poppy was offered live fish today. She mashed them a bit. 7/11 - Poppy has joined the other seals and has begun eating fish.

7/20 – Poppy is gaining weight. Today she weighs 12.1 kilograms.

7/29 – Poppy was moved today into a deeper pool. She actively explored and ate fish.

8/10 - Poppy now shares a pool with Curry, another harbor seal, who weighs a similar amount. Now, Poppy will have to forage competitively for fish and gain more weight before socializing with additional seals. A flipper tag was placed on her hind flipper to identify her once she is released.

8/20 – Poppy continues to share pools with Curry.

9/1 – Poppy now has more poolmates – Juniper, Basil, and Curry.

9/14 – Poppy is now ready for release. She has passed her final blood tests, clearing her of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that her body condition is healthy. A satellite tag was attached to Poppy today. The tag is glued to fur on her back. When she molts (sheds her fur), the tag will fall off. Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites about her location so staff can monitor her.

9/15 - Poppy was released to the wild with Dill in Unalaska, AK. Tracking data indicates that she is headed towards the Berring Sea.

10/15 - Poppy's satellite tag continues to share information with us. She is now in the middle of the Berring Sea.


: Tracking Data :
Satellite Tracking Map

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