: Curry :
Species: Harbor Seal (pup)

6/7 – Curry was dropped off at an emergency veterinary clinic in Anchorage. Staff did a great job of initial care and support prior to bringing him to Seward.

6/8 – Curry received subcutaneous fluids today as he appeared dehydrated.

6/9 - Curry is having digestive complications and is on 24 hour watch.

6/10 – Curry swam in warmed water today. He is receiving medications to assist with defecation.

6/15 – Curry received subcutaneous fluids again today as he is not defecating regularly.

6/19 – Curry killed and ate a live fish today.

6/21 – Still dealing with digestive issues, Curry was fed barium to allow x-rays to track movement through his digestive system.

6/28 – Curry appears to be more feisty today than previous days. He continues to eat fish and bowel movements are more regular.

7/3 – Curry is eating well as he is swum in water.

7/10 – Curry weighs 10.3 kilograms today.

7/12 - Curry has improved greatly. He is off all medications and is eating fish well.

7/20 – Curry is in one of the condos – habitats that have water and deck access. He actively swims when given the opportunity.

7/30 – Curry continues to do well and has moved into deeper pools in close proximity to other seals.

8/11 - Curry now has a poolmate, Poppy a harbor seal. Since Poppy is at a similar weight, they both will have to forage competitively for fish and gain some more weight before socializing with the others.

8/23 – Curry weighs 25.4 kilograms today. He now is swimming with Poppy, Basil, and Juniper.

9/5 – Curry was moved into the largest pre-release pool with Dill, a spotted seal, and Poppy, a harbor seal. He continues to do well foraging on his own.

9/10 - Curry is now ready for release. He has passed his final blood tests, clearing him of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that his body condition is healthy. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on Curry’s back. The tag will fall off once Curry molts (sheds his fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know his location.

9/11 - Curry was released in Anchor Point, Alaska.

9/15 - Curry's satellite tag continues to share information with us. Curry is currently off the coast of Kenai.

10/8 – Curry is exploring Cook Inlet near Kenai.

10/12 – Curry is currently off the coast of Seldovia.

10/30 – Curry is currently near the Homer Spit.


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