: Ajowan :
Species: Steller Sea Lion (1 year old)

5/31 - Ajowan stranded in Douglas, Alaska where he hauled out on a dock for two days. NOAA enforcement monitored the animal, keeping the public to a safe distance.

6/2 – Alaska SeaLife Center staff flew to Juneau to capture him. AJ then flew to Anchorage and was transported to Seward.

6/3 – AJ’s first blood examination indicates that he has a very high WBC (white blood cell count) indicating some type of infection. AJ is also emaciated. Today, he received subcutaneous fluids.

6/4 – AJ’s appetite has improved as he is eating herring. AJ’s medication is hidden inside the fish.

6/7 – AJ weighs 46.4 kilograms today. As he is still recovering, he currently does not have access to water. He is eating his fish out of a large shallow pool.

6/20 – AJ is still being actively monitored. His appetite is not always strong.

6/28 – AJ weighs 63.8 kilograms today.

6/30 – AJ now has periodic access to a large pool adjacent to his habitat. He does not actively swim, but often sleeps on the pool skimmer.

7/8 – AJ weighs 72.4 kilograms today. Blood was taken for a repeat examination.

7/12 - AJ's blood work continues to improve and he is now being treated for parasites as well.

7/15 – Conditioning has begun to get AJ used to a transport cage. When AJ voluntarily moves into the cage, staff are able to easily and safely clean his enclosure.

7/26 – AJ has been moved into our largest outdoor habitat that has a deep pool and ample deckspace.

8/10 - Ajowan continues to thrive in ODL 5. AJ’s conditioning has continued. He has been conditioned to voluntarily move through a transport cage and sit on a scale without the presence of humans. This conditioning is achieved by remotely reinforcing his movements through use of a series of fish feeding pipes. The conditioning allows for movement of such a large animal without human related cues. The conditioning makes it safer for humans, less stressful on the animal, and facilitates keeping the animal wild with out positive associations with humans.

8/25 – AJ voluntarily sat on the scale today. He weighs 72 kilograms.

9/3 - AJ has passed his final blood tests, clearing him of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that his body condition is healthy. Ajowan has been cleared for release by the veterinarian staff and National Marine Fisheries Service. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on AJ’s back. The tag will fall off once AJ molts (sheds his fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know his location.

9/5- Ajowan flew back to the Juneau area and was released at Benjamin Island.

9/15 – AJ’s satellite tag continues to update staff on his location.


: Tracking Data :
Satellite Tracking Map

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