: Juniper (Natron) :
Species: Harbor Seal (pup)

6/1 - Juniper was found weak and emaciated near Poly Creek, Cook Inlet. He was flown to Soldotna compliments of Natron Air. In Soldotna, He was given an initial exam and tubed fluids. He was then transported to the SeaLife Center. At admit, Juniper appeared to be 3-5 days old and weighed 9.4 kilograms.

6/10 – Juniper weighs 11.2 kilograms today. He is being fed harbor seal formula five times a day – 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, and 12 am. He is listed as stable.

6/19 – Juniper has moved out to the condos – habitats that have both deckspace and water access. He actively explores his habitat. He has begun tracking and chasing live salmon which is a step toward weaning onto fish.

7/1 – Today is warm, so the sprinklers above Juniper’s condo have been turned on.

7/12 - Juniper has begun eating herring (live and thawed dead fish). His goal is to gain weight and begin interacting with the other seals in the release pool.

7/22 – Juniper continues to reside in one of the condos. He is now fed fish four times a day.

8/2 – Juniper received a follow-up examination by the veterinarian today. He is doing fine.

8/11 - Juniper has been placed into a pre-release pool with Basil. Since Basil is at a similar weight, they both will have to forage competitively for fish and gain some more weight before socializing with the other seals. The target release weight is 25 kilograms.

8/23 – Juniper weighs 26.6 kilograms today making him ready for release.

9/15 – Juniper is now in the largest pre-release pool.

9/21 - Juniper has passed his final blood tests, clearing him of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that his body condition is healthy. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on Juniper’s back. The tag will fall off once Juniper molts (sheds his fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know his location.

9/22 - Juniper was released at Anchor Point near Homer, Alaska.

9/29 – Juniper has moved south of Anchor Point towards Homer.

10/5 – Juniper has now moved north of Anchor Point and is near Ninilchik.

10/10 - Juniper's satellite tag continues to relay information to us. He is currently off the coast of Anchor Point.

10/29 – Juniper is south of Anchor Point near Homer.


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