: Dill :
Species: Spotted Seal (pup)

5/27 - Dill was rescued by Reid Brewer of the Marine Advisory Program in Unalaska after being spotted for over five days alone.

5/28 - Dill, a female, three-week-old spotted seal, arrived at the SeaLife Center dehydrated and underweight.

5/29 – Dill actively pursued and ate live salmon.

6/15 – Dill was moved outside to a condo – a habitat that has both water access as well as deck space. She is able to haul out of the water well.

6/27 – Dill is now in a deeper pool that allows her to swim more and unsupervised.

7/14 – Dill weighs 25.3 kilograms today. Our goal is to release Dill and Poppy together as both were rescued from the same region. Once Poppy meets release criteria, both seals will be flown to Unalaska.

7/28 – Dill weighs 31.3 kilograms today.

8/7 – Dill has been moved into a larger pool to give her more water depth to swim in. She is eating well.

8/17 – Staff are introducing various items into Dill’s habitat to enrich her time with us. These items are added to create a more wild environment for her to explore.

9/1 – Ice cubes were added to Dill’s habitat today. She will likely see ice when she returns to the wild.

9/14 – Poppy has now caught up to Dill and can be released. Dill has passed her final blood tests, clearing her of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that her body condition is healthy. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on Dill’s back. The tag will fall off once Dill molts (sheds her fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know her location.

9/15 – Dill and Poppy flew to Unalaska today. Both were released at ‘Little South America’ in front of a large crowd of local people.

9/19 – Dill is actively exploring the waters around Unalaska.

9/25 – Dill continues to explore the waters around Unalaska.

10/10 – Dill continues to explore the waters around Unalaska.

10/22 – Dill is now swimming in the area where she was originally captured.


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