: Pogo :
Species: Ringed Seal

Pogo, a female ringed seal, is growing well. She was picked up on April 3rd after being watched for a few days in Kotzebue. She arrived at nine kilograms and is now 12 (one kilogram = 2.2 pounds). She is eating fish on her own but still now using her hind flippers to swim. Once she builds muscle tone, she will go outside to the a special holding area, then move to the prerelease pool.

Pogo was treated for lice, dehydration and a high white blood cell count due to some injuries and an underlying infection. We recently determined that she is infected with a marine parasite similar to the heartworm that can affect dogs. Pogo is the second stranded ringed seal that has come in to the ASLC with this type of parasite.

Pogo has just been given a new accommodation in an outdoor ?condo? complete with full-time water access. Her relocation was delayed until she had developed sufficient muscle tone and her swimming and diving had progressed significantly. Much to the staff?s relief, Pogo has finally begun swimming with her hind flippers. Pogo is currently dining on three 500g herring meals a day and has grown from nine kilograms upon her arrival to 15.8kg at the end of May.


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