: Garnet :
Species: Harbor Seal Pup (Phoca vitulina)

Garnet arrived from Juneau, Alaska. Special thanks to Bob Armstrong, Arne Hanger, Laurie Craig, Aleria Jensen (National Marine Fisheries Service), and Rachel Dziuba for their assistance in observation, capture, and transport.

May 10: Garnet arrived in Anchorage. He appears to be three to four days old.

May 11: Garnet was bright, alert, and responsive during his veterinary exam. No significant findings were found.

May 12: Garnet was tubed 950 milliliters of fluid.

May 13: Garnet was allowed to swim in shallow water today.

May 21: Garnet now spends his days outside and his nights inside. He weighs 8.5 kilograms. He is being tubed a special harbor seal formula and receives 1050 milliliters a day.

May 27: Garnet now has access to a deeper pool, approximately three feet deep, during the day. He moves in and out of the water often. Prior to each tube feed, he is swam in the pool with small fish. So far, he has not shown much interest in eating them.

June 3: Garnet continues to do well. He weighs 9.6 kilograms.

June 10: Garnet weighs 10.5 kilograms. He is showing interest in live fish, but has not yet eaten any on his own.

June 16: Garnet weighs 11.2 kilograms. He actively interacts with objects in his environment. Today he pulled some matting that was covering his deck into the water.

June 23: Garnet ate live and dead fish today on his own!

June 30: Garnet now resides in an enclosure with a deeper pool. He has water access all day, but the access is closed off at night.

July 8: Garnet ate 1280 grams of herring today on his own.

July 13: Garnet moves in and out of the water well throughout the day and night. He ate 1400 grams of herring today.

July 21: Garnet ate 1720 grams. He weighs 16.1 kilograms.

July 24: Garnet weighs 17.1 kilograms. Garnet moved into a larger pool today with Agate and Kyanite. He is actively exploring his new environment.

August 2: Garnet weighs 19.3 kilograms. Garnet continues to eat well in his new enclosure. He is interacting well with his poolmates.

August 12: Garnet continues to reside with other seals in our largest pool. He actively forages three times a day.

August 22: Garnet had his blood taken today to prepare documentation for his release. He weighs 24.6 kilograms.

August 25: Garnet received an ice treat, a form of enrichment for him. He quickly interacted with the fish frozen in the ice and ate it.

September 2: A squid ice treat was put in his enclosure today. He did not show any interest in it.

September 3: Garnet was outfitted with a satellite tag. The tag will help staff monitor his progress after he is released.

September 5: Garnet was released in Juneau today.


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