: Sanidine :
Species: Elephant Seal Juvenile (Mirounga angustirostris)

Sanidine was called in by stranding network member and SeaLife Center volunteer Cy St Amand and NOAA enforcement. The elephant seal was hauled out on the Homer boat ramp looking weak and lethargic. While the animal was contained, SeaLife Center staff drove from Seward to Homer to pick up the animal.

April 15: Sanidine was restrained for a blood sample and examination. Sanidine is a girl and weighs 120 kilograms.

April 16: Bloodwork indicates that Sanidine is dehydrated. A catheter was inserted intravenously to allow staff to rehydrate her.

April 30: Sanidine was given access to a deep pool today. She went into the water right away and was able to haul out well.

May 3: Sanidine showed interest in eating and ate five herring.

May 9: Sanidine continues to eat well. Today she ate 4804 grams of herring and salmon.

May 11: Sanidine's appetite has decreased.

May 13: Bloodwork indicates that Sanidine is dehydrated. She was given fluids intravenously and orally today.

May 21: Sanidine's condition is improving. She is actively eating fish on her own from a small tote. Today she was moved to an outdoor enclosure.

May 27: Sanidine is doing well in her new outdoor enclosure. Her eating has increased. Today she ate 12,502 grams of herring. Hidden in the herring were antibiotics. She appears to prefer eating in the early morning and late evening.

June 2: Sanidine continues to eat well and consumed 14,490 grams of herring. Her skin now looks much better.

June 10: Sanidine's skin looks great - in that her molt looks appropriate for an elephant seal. The skin and fur are actively rolling off her body.

June 16: Sanidine has moved to the largest and deepest pool. She actively moves around in the water and on deck. Her appetite has increased and she ate over 18 kilograms of herring today.

June 23: Sanidine ate over 19 kilograms today. She moves around her enclosure and in and out of the pool well.

June 30: Sanidine is enjoying the sunshine and can be found laying on deck often.

July 8: Sanidine ate 9500 grams of herring.

July 13: Preparations are underway for Sanidine's release on July 19 as she has passed all medical and behavioral requirements. She will be released in Resurrection Bay.

July 19: Snadine's release went smoothly.

September 22: Sandy's satellite tag shows that she is in southeast Alaska!


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