: Vesuvius--PV1403 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5/20/14 - A young harbor seal pup was observed in Softuk Bay, trying to climb onto a fishing vessel at 3:00 this morning. After monitoring the pup throughout the day, it was clear that the pup was abandoned. Alaska SeaLife Center arranged to have the pup transported to Seward the next day.

5/21/14 - A big thank you to the Alaska State Troopers in Cordova for providing the pup's transportation from Softuk Bay to the airport in Cordova! The young seal arrived safely to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward today.

5/23/14 - A veterinary assessment shows that the male pup is dehydrated, but otherwise seems healthy. He is less than one week old.

5/27/14 - The pup has begun to put on weight. He is being fed a mixture of fluids and a specialized formula created for young seal pups.

5/29/14 - All of the rehabilitating seals at ASLC will have a vet check-up this weekend to make sure they haven't developed any health concerns.

6/8/14 - In the past few days seal 03 had a blood draw to check for for infections, and has started to transition to a fish based formula to prepare his stomach for when he begins eating fish.

6/10/14 - The little seal had more x-rays today. The Vet staff used barium to help create more contrast on the x-rays and give us a better picture of his GI system. All results were normal.

6/21/14 - Recently seal 03 has been spending his days and nights outside in a slightly larger enclosure called a condo. He is maintaining body temperature well through the nights, and is slowly becoming more interested in eating fish.

6/23/14 - Number 3 is eating fish! Over the past few days his interest has steadily increased, and today he ate everything offered. Staff will transition him onto an all herring diet over the next day or so.

6/30/14 - This seal is no longer known as number 3, he is Vesuvius! And Vesuvius is doing very well in his condo, eating fish quickly and gaining weight steadily. Staff hope to move him to a lightly larger pool very soon.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July!! Vesuvius is celebrating with lots of ice on the deck of his new ODL pool! He moved in a few days ago and is doing great!

7/6/14 - Vesuvius gained a roommate today, Machu Picchu! Because both seals are from the same area, and are both considered healthy, they can live together and add a component of competition during feeds just like they will have with other seals in the wild! Staff will monitor them to endure both seals are eating and that there are no aggressive interactions.

7/16/14 - A lot has happened over the last week or so! Vesuvius had a blood draw to ensure that he is completely healthy, was flipper tagged in preparation for his release, and moved to a larger pool with Machu Picchu, where staff plan to have Everest and Tifris join them soon! His flipper tag is in his Left rear flipper because he is a mal, and is #ASLC 130.

7/22/14 - Everest and Tigris joined Vesuvius and Machu Picchu in room 130 today. the large pool is great for several seals, and they are all competing well at feeds, which are done with our fish cannon! The fish cannon is a hose that is wide enough for fish to be pushed down it via running water. this system enables staff to feed the seals without the seals ever seeing a person!

8/1/14 - Vesuvius had a weigh in today, and the little guy is up to a huge 23.05 kg!! This is very very close the the goal release weight of 25 kg, so staff are beginning to plan for his release, go Vesuvius!

8/2/14 - Happy Rehab Race Day!! Today runners in Seward and around the country helped raise money to help the ASLC care for and release animals just like Vesuvius, so thank you!

8/11/14 - Today staff released some small salmon into the seals pool, Vesuvius had a ton of fun chasing them!

8/21/14 - Over the past week Vesuvius and the other seals in room 138 got a new roommate! Machu Picchu was moved out into a solo enclosure to prepare for his release, and Stonehenge has moved into the room with Vesuvius, Everest, and Tigris. So far the introductions have gone well, and all the seals have been seen swimming together!

8/28/14 - Vesuvius reached release weight this week! He now weighs 26.7kg, and the goal release weight is 25 kg, so staff will begin to plan for his release next month!

9/4/14 - Vesuvius had a blood draw today in anticipation of his release on Saturday, 2 days away! Vets will do a final health examination, and then once the bloodwork is run, he will have the all clear to return to the wild with Tigris and Stonehenge!

9/6/14 - It was an absolutely beautiful day today in Cordova, and Vesuvius was eager to get in the water. As soon as his kennel door was open he was gone, though Stonehenge beat him to the water! Good luck in the wild Vesuvius!!