: PV1405 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5/22/14 - A seal pup has been seen on a beach at the harbor in Juneau. The pup was reported to NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Services, who are responsible for the management of harbor seals. NMFS monitored the pup to see if it would reunite with its mother, but they were unable to reconnect. The decision was made to transport the young seal to ASLC for rehabilitation. Without care, the pup would not survive.

5/24/14 - After a veterinary admit exam, the male pup seems to be in good health. He will be monitored closely, and have routine health exams to track his progress.

5/28/14 - All of the rehabilitating seals at ASLC will have a vet check-up this weekend to make sure they haven't developed any health concerns.

6/8/14 - At the last check-up it was determined that the seal has a mild case of colitis, meaning he has some trouble digesting his food. He has been started on a few medications, and is slowly being transitioned to a fish formula that will prepare his stomach for when he starts to eat fish.

6/21/14 - Seal number 5 has been on a steady diet of herring for over a week! He has progressed to eating whole fish, and is spending nice days in an outdoor enclosure called a condo. We are waiting for him to regulate his body temperature a bit better before leaving him outside at night, but he is on his way!

6/30/14 - The little seal now has 24 hour access to water in his condo. He is regulating his body temp well, eating well, and gaining weight steadily. Staff hope to move him to a larger ODL pool soon!

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! 05 is celebrating with lots of ice on the deck of his new ODL pool! He moved in a few days ago and is doing great!

7/16/14 - A lot has happened over the last week or so! Our seal from Juneau had a blood draw to ensure that he is completely healthy, and was flipper tagged in preparation for his release! His flipper tag is in his Left rear flipper because he is a male, and is #ASLC 132.

7/22/14 - The seal from Juneau continues to thrive in his ODL pool. He is a whopping 21.1 kilograms!

7/31/14 - Staff have noticed that the Juneau seal has been taking a bit longer than normal to eat his fish. We will continue to observe his behavior to determine if he is overeating, and needs his diet changed.

8/2/14 - Happy Rehab Race Day!! Today runners in Seward and around the country helped raise money to help the ASLC care for and release animals just like the little guy from Juneau, so thank you!

8/10/14 - This little guy is no longer so little, he weighed in at a massive 26.25 kg!! The goal weight a seal needs to reach to be considered for release is 25 kg, so staff are starting to plan for his release!

8/18/14 - Today staff put some live salmon in the Juneau seal's pool to help him practice catching fish once he is released. This is very important for him, as he has not been housed with any other seals so he has not had a lot of practice with competition for food.

8/22/14 - The seal from Juneau was given a larger live salmon today to chase in anticipation of his upcoming release, stay tuned for photos from the release, it is planned for the end of this month!

8/28/14 - The people of Juneau had a great show yesterday, as they got to see this little seal return to the sea! Members of the Rehabilitation and Education staff flew down to Juneau with the seal, and will be doing some educational programs about wildlife while they are there. Stay tuned for pictures of this wonderful release! The seal was released at a final weight of 30.1 kg, a great start for a rehabilitated animal, and we can only hope he will get larger and larger!