: Stonehenge--PV1406 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5/24/14 - A young harbor seal pup was found climbing onto boats in Softuk Bay, about 40 miles SE of Cordova. The pup was reported to the Alaska SeaLife Center's stranding hotline.

5/25/14 - After being monitored overnight, the seal was flown to Anchorage under the authorization of ASLC and National Marine Fisheries Services. ASLC staff met the pup in Anchorage for its final transport to Seward for rehabilitation.
Thank you to Vivian and Jared Kennedy for providing the pup's flight from Softuk to Cordova!

5/26/14 - After a veterinary admit exam, the male pup seems to be in good health. He will be monitored closely, and have routine health exams to track his progress.

5/28/14 - Yesterday the pup's temperature was rising. Bloodwork was run to rule out a developing infection. Results are in, and everything looks normal.

6/8/14 - A few days ago blood was seen in the pup's feces, so he has started medication so soothe his digestive system. He has been gaining weight smoothly enough that he spent a nice day outside in a condo, and has been actively swimming before feeds.

6/21/14 - Vet staff have rechecked the little seal, and taken him off of all his GI medications. Like some of the other seals, he is spending his days outside in a condo, but is being kept inside at night as he still has a bit of trouble regulating his body temperature. He is approaching the age where he would wean from his mother in the wild so rehab staff have been offering fish during his swims, but he has not eaten any yet.

6/30/14 - The pup finally has a name, Stonehenge, after his usually stoic demeanor. Stoney is getting a push in the fish eating direction, staff are now only tubing him twice a day and will fish school him at all other feeds.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July!! Stonehenge is celebrating with lots of ice in his condo, and trying the night outside with no heating pad!

7/14/14 - Stonehenge is still dealing with some mild conjunctivitis, so staff have ben administering eyedrops at his tubings. He has also gradually been building up to an all fish diet. Experienced staff are assisting him in positioning fish and swallowing them, hopefully the sensations of swallowing fish and a full belly will connect, and he will start eating fish offered during his fish school.

7/22/14 - No progress on the fish eating front yet, but staff continue to assist feed Stonehenge. He is maintaining a good body weight, but staff are hoping he will start eating fish on his own so he can move into a larger pool with other seals.

7/23/14 - Stonehenge had a series of x-rays today to help determine if he has a physical defect that would make it difficult for him to eat fish. He was tubed barium, which shows up white on x-rays, to outline his esophagus and digestive tract. His x-rays appeared normal, so staff will continue to assist feed him until he learns how to eat.

7/24/14 - Stonehenge is eating fish on his own!!! Staff have been moving him to a more secluded tote for feeds, and he has quickly transitioned from assist feeding, to eating half fish, to eating whole fish!

8/2/14 - Happy Rehab Race Day!! Today runners in Seward and around the country helped raise money to help the ASLC care for and release animals just like Stonehenge, so thank you! Stonehenge is racing around his new pool today! He was moved into an ODL yesterday--an enclosure with a larger deck and 4 foot deep pool!

8/6/14 - Today Gobi was moved into and ODL with Stonehenge! As they have been getting along so well, staff have decided to open the gates between their pool, and the pool Taj and Liberty are sharing. So far all the introductions have been going great and everyone is competing well!

8/18/14 - Stonehenge had some salmon as part of his feed today. Chasing live fish is an important skill to get theses seals ready for release, and he did great!

8/21/14 - Today, Stonehenge moved in with the other Homer and Seward seals: Vesuvius, Everest, and Tigris. So far the introductions have gone well, and all the seals have been seen swimming together!

8/28/14 - Stonehenge is gaining weight a little more slowly than the other seals because he took so long to eat fish. While the others are very close to release weight, Stoney is just tipping the scales at 19 kg. The goal release weight is 25 kg, so staff will begin to plan for his release sometime next month!

9/4/14 - Stonehenge had a blood draw today in anticipation of his release on Saturday, 2 days away! Vets will do a final health examination, and then once the bloodwork is run, he will have the all clear to return to the wild with Tigris and Vesuvius!

9/6/14 - It was an absolutely beautiful day today in Cordova, and Stonehenge couldn't wait to get in the water. Even though his kennel was opened second, he was first in the water, beating Vesuvius!! Good luck in the wild Stonehenge!!