: Liberty-PV 1407 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6/1/14- A young Harbor Seal pup was observed on the mud flats in Anchorage for over 24 hours. After consulting with the Alaska SeaLife Center, Dr. Doty picked up the pup and transported the seal to Seward. The pup arrived at our rehabilitation facility around 11 pm on 6/1/14

6/2/14 - The newest pup had a full examination today, and it's a girl! Aside from a little gagging after the exam, she looks to be in decent shape. So far her feces have been very watery, so staff are watching hydration levels closely.

6/4/14 - The pup has been maintaining a good body temperature and her hydration level seems to be improving.

6/8/14 - The pup had x-rays taken a few days ago, and the vets have confirmed that she has pneumonia. She has begun a treatment program, and staff are watching her carefully for signs of respiratory distress.

6/10/14 - The little girl had a blood draw this morning. The vet staff will run tests and help determine if her current treatment program is working, or if her medications need to be adjusted.

6/21/14 - A lot has changed for our little girl in 2 weeks! She has been cleared to start swimming twice a day, is no longer on antibiotics for pneumonia, and has transitioned to a fish based formula to prepare her GI tract to process fish. She also had a series of x-rays using barium as a contrast material to study her GI tract, and all appears normal.

7/9/14 - Our first little girl has a name, Liberty! Each year our top donors are invited to name a seal, and Conoco Phillips did a great job picking out Lady Liberty's name. Thanks so much to Conoco Phillips for all the support you give to the Alaska SeaLife Center Wildlife Response team.

7/14/14 - Liberty is having some trouble eating fish, and staff have seen signs that she is regurgitating those she does swallow. Vet staff performed a series of x rays, and confirmed that she has an oddly shaped esophagus that could be a reason why she has trouble swallowing fish. She will start a course of drugs, and no longer be tubed fluids to reduce the irritation to her throat.

7/20/14 - While she as yet to eat fish on her own, Liberty will eat fish if staff hold them right in front of her face. We are hoping she will make the connection to the fish we offer during her swims with the fish she eats at scheduled feeds very soon!

7/22/14 - Liberty was moved to an ODL today! Staff hope that this deeper pool with a larger deck will help ease the transition to her eating fish on her own.

7/23/14 - Liberty had a series of x-rays today to help determine if she has a physical defect that would make it difficult for her to eat fish. She was tubed barium, which shows up white on x-rays, to outline her esophagus and digestive tract. Her x-rays appeared normal, and later in the day, she actually ate fish all on her own!!! Go Liberty!!

7/24/14 - Liberty received a flipper tag today, that will help staff identify her when she is moved into a pool with another seal. The tag also allows people to contact the ASLC if they should see her in the wild once he is released. Her tag number is ASLC 135!

7/27/14 - Liberty has been swimming so enthusiastically that her flipper tag has fallen out! Staff will retag her in a few days.

7/29/14 - Staff gave Liberty a new flipper tag today, her new number is ASLC 138.

8/2/14 - Happy Rehab Race Day!! Today runners in Seward and around the country helped raise money to help the ASLC care for and release animals just like Liberty, so thank you!

8/6/14 - A few days ago Taj was moved into and ODL with Liberty! As they have been getting along so well, staff have decided to open the gates between their pool, and the pool Stonehenge and Gobi are sharing. So far all the introductions have been going great and everyone is competing well!

8/18/14 - Liberty had some salmon as part of her feed today. Chasing live fish is an important skill to get theses seals ready for release, and he did great!

8/28/14 - Liberty reached release weight this week! She now weighs 27.15 kg, and the goal release weight is 25 kg, so staff will begin to plan for her release next month!

8/31/14 - Liberty had a blood draw today in preparation for her release. After the bloodwork comes back clean, and she receives a final health exam from the vet staff she will be all clear to return to the wild! Her relase is planned for the 2nd of September in Homer with Taj Mahal.

9/2/14 - There was a great turnout at the Homer release today. Taj Mahal entered the water first, but waited for Liberty to join him and they both swam off together. Good luck in the wild Liberty!