: Sahara--PV 1410 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6/20/2014 - An underweight pup with it's umbilicus still attached was seen alone on a beach near Egegik. After being observed overnight, the pup was transported the the Alaska SeaLife Center. After an exam, staff determined that the pup was very dehydrated and emaciated, with some discharge from the umbilicus. After administering SubQ fluids to help with hydration, the pup was moved to a separate quiet enclosure for the evening.

6/21/14 - The pup had a fairly chilly body temperature throughout the day today, so staff added a heat pad to the pup's enclosure. She is still quite dehydrated, and more SubQ fluids were given today, along with some medicated eyedrops.

6/30/14 - Our little female pup has come al ong way in just over a week! While she wwas severely dehydrated before, as of the 27th she is no longer getting SubQ fluids! Vet staff did a checkup on her around the 25th, and she had xrays and a blood draw to reevaluate her need for drugs. While she is still recieving an IM antibiotic, she has been taken off her gastric system medications.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! it was a warm one here, and number 10 spent the day outside with lots of ice to keep her cool.

7/9/14 - The staff have found the seal to be much spunkier and full of energy these days, and have named her Sahara. Sahara has been starting to learn to swim, and loves her time in the water, she zooms around her tote! She has been spending nice days outside in a condo, and will hopefully try a nice night outside soon!

7/17/14 - Sahara is eating fish! She started eating them during her very first fish school, way to go! Her diet has now switched to all fish, and her medications are being hidden in the gills of the fish she is eating.

7/22/14 - Today Sahara was move out to a condo to live full time! This is her first night outside, so staff have closed off the water access, and given her a heating pad to help ease the transition to outdoor life.