: Sphinx--PV 1411 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6/25/14 - After being observed on the beach for several days, the Alaska SeaLife Center Wildlife Response Team was contacted about a malnourished looking pup. With help from volunteers in Port Moller, the ASLC was able to get the pup to Cold Bay, where Biologist Stacey Lowe with the US Fish and Wildlife Service care for it overnight,thanks so much Stacy!! Both Grant Aviation and Pen Air donated flights to get the seal to Anchorage, where ASLC staff were able to pick up the animal and bring it back to our Rehabilitation facility in Seward.

6/26/14 - After an examination by Vet staff, we know quite a bit more about our newest seal pup. She is a girl, estimated to be about 7 days old, and she has a lot of small wounds on her rear flippers. She is also quite dehydrated, so the current plan is to tube her fluids and clean out her wounds about 5 times a day.

6/30/14 - The little girl is eating well and staff are confident she is hydrating well enough that they are no longer administering SubQ fluids. Vet staff gave her the ok to start swimming, so hopefully this will help her build up some muscle and blubber to keep her temperature stable! She has also started a course of drugs that will soothe her GI tract, as staff found some blood in her feces.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! It was a warm one here, so staff have been keeping a close eye on all the pups, and letting them swim a little longer than usual.

7/9/14 - There is lots of exciting news, first off, this little pup has a name, Sphinx! Also, Sphinx had a vet exam yesterday and has been taken off her gastric medications. Her flipper wounds are healing up nicely, and she is swimming in deeper and colder water.

7/17/14 - Sphinx has started eating fish! She had her first fish school a few days ago and has been eating fish ever since.

7/22/14 - At each feed, Sphinx seem to get better and better at eating fish. She is gaining weight steadily, and will be moving to an outdoor enclosure called a condo tomorrow!