: Gobi--PV 1415 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

7/1/14 - A pup was observed on the rocks right here in Seward, near Resurrection Bay Seafoods. As there was an adult nearby, ASLC staff opted to observe rather than pick up the pup immediately.

7/3/14 - No adult has been seen in the area for over 24 hours, and upon closer inspection the pup seem significanty thinner, so ASLC staff picked up the pup and brought it to our rehabilitation facility.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July!! The pup we brought in yesterday is a girl, and she seems to already know how to eat fish! She has been named Gobi by one of our vet staff. Gobi has a few deep wounds on her head and chin, so staff put her on antibiotics, and are carefully flushing them and letting her swim to help the healing process.

7/10/14 - Gobi has really made progress over the past few days. She has been taken off one of the two antibiotics she had started, and no longer needs her facial wounds flushed. She is still fairly dehydrated, so staff have been filling her fish with fluids, and tubing her fluids a few times a day.

7/20/14 - While Gobi is improving in her ability to swim in colder and colder water, and has graduated to living outside in a condo full time, not all is going smoothly. A few days ago staff noticed the left side of her face looked slightly swollen. Vet staff examined her and drew blood, revealing that Gobi is still battling an infection. Her medications have been adjusted, and we are already seeing improvement in the form of decreased swelling.

7/22/14 - While Gobi is still on medication for her infection, she is staying hydrated much more effectively than last week, so staff are discussing decreasing her additional fluids. She continues to eat well and gain weight.