: Moai--PV 1416 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

7/5/14 - A lone pup was spotted on the beach in Homer on the 4th of July. After observing the pup for a day, members of the Homer Stranding Network acquired the pup and transported it to Soldotna, where members of the ASLC Wildlife Response Team were able to take over. The little female pup had many small cuts on her body and her flippers, staff were careful to clean out all cuts and tube her fluids before bringing her back to the Rehabilitation facility in Seward.

7/7/14 - Because of the number of injuries, the pup has been prescribed a fairly strong antibiotic that is given Intramuscular or IM. This will help her combat any infections that try to enter through her wounds. Staff are cleaning out her wounds at every feed, and also administering eyedrops.

7/10/14 - Staff have named this pup after the stone carvings on Easter Island, Moai! Moai seems to be better hydrated these days, but she has started to bevelop a bit of crusty mucus around her nose and eyes. Staff have been cleaning both her eyes and nose at each feed, and have been keeping a close eye on her activity level, as she is very lethargic.

7/14/13 - During their routine checks on the animals, staff discovered that Moai has lice!! Staff have been plucking the obvious ones off her face and head, but she also received a topical dust treatment to help kill the lice and keep them from returning!

7/20/14 - Moai is slowly gaining weight, and she has started swimming! She is a little young to be interested in fish, so right now she just enjoys some warmer water. Unfortunately, her eyes still look a bit irritated, so she is still receiving eyedrops. She had a blood draw this week to recheck for any signs of infection.

7/22/14 - Moai ate fish today!! during her fish school session she at first was just nosing the herring chunks, but by the end of her swim she ate 3 out of the 4 offered. Staff will slowly start introducing fish into her diet.