Promoting Ocean Literacy

Funds raised from the event will be used to
support key programs and initiatives at the Alaska SeaLife Center.
Specifically, we are raising funds for these major priorities:



Modeled after the award winning SeaTrain program, this experience takes students on a journey from Anchorage to Seward with curriculum-based activities about Alaska’s coastal geography, history and ecology. Upon arriving at the Alaska SeaLife Center, students “dive in” to educational programs and exhibits. For every $5,000 raised, the Alaska SeaLife Center can bring a classroom of school children to Seward for this unique opportunity, and additional support can help fund travel costs for students from rural Alaskan villages.

magic globe

Magic Planet Globe System

The Magic Planet will provide interactive displays of weather, ocean currents, ice cover, and other marine data in a compelling platform for classroom teaching and public education at the Alaska SeaLife Center and beyond—especially as we focus on building literacy about climate change and how it might affect Alaska.



Supporting our most immersive educational opportunities will help spawn a new era of trained marine scientists. Interns work directly with researchers, veterinarians, educators and husbandry staff. An investment in the future of $2,500 allows the Alaska SeaLife Center to provide twelve weeks of housing and a food stipend for each intern.


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