Brandon Russell, B.S., Capt.

Research Manager

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada with a specificity in fisheries biology and algal ecology.  I spent the next seven years at the University of British Columbia’s Open Water Research Station as a marine science technician, as well as attending mariner's school and obtaining my merchant mariner credentials.  I was part of a research program studying energetics and nutrition associated with foraging and diving physiology of Steller sea lions, Northern fur seals, and Pacific white-sided dolphins.  I joined the Alaska SeaLife Center in 2015.  I began with the Pacific walrus monitoring project but I have now migrated onto the Physiology and Health of Cooperating Arctic Seals (PHOCAS) project as the SeaLife Center's project manager.  Through PHOCAS, we are looking at energetics and body condition of ice-dependent seals to help us better-understand physiological constraints of these habitat-threatened arctic species.  I’m also involved in the captive Steller sea lion research, wild Steller sea lion haulout surveys, and general marine operations as one of the Center’s primary vessel operators.  Outside of my Pinniped expertise, I assist with sea bird counts and aquarium collection dives.