Caryn Fosnaugh

Operations Director
Caryn Fosnaugh joined the Alaska SeaLife Center team as the Operations Director in September, 2018. Caryn grew up in Oregon, but is from Anchorage originally.  Alaska has always been a key part of her life, so coming back was a natural decision. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Education Degree in Higher Education Administration at Seattle University, which provided opportunity to study abroad in Austria and England. Her research and studies have included one of the first published studies of road rage, analysis of historical cycles of conflict management and negotiation in politics, and foreign invasive species introduction to a native plant population.
Much of Caryn’s previous work environments have been in higher education, including several campuses ranging from mid-size private colleges to large community colleges. Over the course of twenty years, her work has included administrative office management, grant writing, project management of varying sizes, program development and management, auditing and compliance, inventory and procurement, workforce and community development, writing legislation and the related work to pass a bill, career and leadership development, small and large event/conference planning, developing boards of directors, visual and web marketing, contract management, international trade and supply chain management, and many amazing partners.
Caryn enjoys seeing the big picture and putting the pieces together to exceed everyone's goals, connecting people for success, and encouraging professional and personal development.  Caryn also enjoys traveling, cultural history, and spending time outside with family. She lives in Seward with her husband and their two dogs.