The Science Department has been part of the ASLC since its opening in 1998 and we are very excited to be starting a blog sharing our science with you!

The name 60 North Science refers to the Alaska SeaLife Center’s (ASLC) latitude—as seen on the map—but it also tells you a bit about the type of science we do at the ASLC.

Currently, high latitude ecosystems, like the arctic and subarctic, are undergoing rapid environmental changes. Therefore, our location at ’60 N’ is ideal for developing scientific research that seeks to better understand how changes will impact the fish, birds, mammals, and humans that rely on the marine waters around Alaska; now, and in the future. It also means that much of our research can be done right in our own ‘backyard’!

So if you are:

Interested in getting to know the Steller sea lions we observe at Chiswell Island?

Curious about how mussels and seabirds help monitor the health of the environment?

Wondering what the call of a ringed seal sounds like, and why seals make underwater noises?

Pondering how technology can be used to track animals that spend most of their lives underwater?

Thinking about a career in science?

Or just excited to hear about other science activities going on at the ASLC

We hope you join us by following this blog as we share stories, pictures, videos, and updates on the science we do here at the ASLC.