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Volunteer Program

The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) sponsors a volunteer program to allow interested individuals an opportunity to gain educational experience in a world-class marine facility. Volunteers are integral and valued contributors to ASLCís mission of generating and sharing scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaskaís marine ecosystems.

  • Administration - Several times a year we need help with administrative tasks which may include answering phones, staffing events, data entry, inventories, filing, photocopying, shredding papers, and participation in special administrative projects, such as mass mailings or document compilation/editing.
  • Conservation and Stewardship - This position will assist in the identification and organization of files of conservation organizations in Alaska as well as marine conservation organizations including identifying their primary areas of focus. Opportunities include recommending unique or collaborative marine stewardship activities, researching and identifying grants that fit stewardship opportunities and drafting grant proposals targeting funding opportunities.
  • Education - If you enjoy teaching, we have a great opportunity for you! Education volunteers are trained to help with our eager visiting school groups. Duties include program delivery, food preparation, group management, preparation and clean-up. To volunteer with the Education department, you must pass a background check, positively demonstrate previous experience working with student groups, and commit to at least four volunteer days per month during our busy spring season in February-May. The Education team also works on a number of outreach and communication projects that may, on a case-by-case basis, benefit from skills such as web development, graphics development, marine science education, etc. These projects will have varied timelines and deadlines.
  • Eider (Sea Duck) Research - VVolunteering in this department will allow you to learn basic research techniques and use of scientific equipment. You will participate in various routine laboratory tasks such as: labeling tubes, washing dishes, organizing samples or paperwork, data entry. This volunteer may run blood serum samples for biochemistry analysis, assist with serum protein electrophoresis, egg dissections or DNA extractions. There may be an opportunity to assist eider research personnel with other ongoing research projects.
  • Exhibit Diver - In order to become a volunteer in the Dive Department you must perform two habitat maintenance dives per month and give at least a one year volunteer commitment. You will also be expected to assist in routine cleaning of the dive locker and attend required quarterly diver safety meetings. There may be an opportunity to participate in interpretive dives to the public. There are many additional requirements to be able to volunteer in this department. Please contact the Dive Department for details.
  • Husbandry - These positions are perfect for people who are interested in learning more about the care of our animals. You work behind the scenes preparing animal food, routinely cleaning animal exhibits, and working alongside our professional staff. Some of our husbandry positions may have a waiting list..
  • Interpretation - As an interpretation volunteer you will help the Alaska SeaLife Center guests connect with our animals and appreciate our mission. This will be accomplished by interpreting live and static exhibits for our guests. You will also have daily interaction with interpretation, education, exhibits, husbandry, and research personnel. Before volunteering as an interpreter you will participate in interpretation training and receive information on our animals and research.
  • Laboratory - As a lab volunteer you will conduct inventories of lab equipment, freezers, and other lab and/or veterinary areas, participate in routine cleaning of vet clinic areas, perform general administrative duties and interact professionally when in public areas. You may also shadow veterinary procedures, when available, participate in department projects or participate in public talks and/or tours. Animal interaction in this position is very limited.
  • Marketing, Sales and Events - As a volunteer you would provide support for sales and guest services functions, including ticketing, data entry, direct mail project, cafe, special events/facility rentals, and assist with community interface.
  • Marine Mammal Research - Laboratory and Image Analysis - There are two areas for volunteers within the marine mammal laboratory at the ASLC. We do a variety of image analysis on wild animals (e.g. counting walruses) and laboratory analysis on captive animals (e.g. sample processing for hormone analysis). Both areas require patience and attention to detail. Both areas will work on a computer or at a lab bench in our research laboratory. These positions do not include direct interactions with animals. We would love to have you join our research team!
  • Marine Mammal Research - Chiswell Remote Monitoring Project - The Centerís longest running Steller sea lion research project. Chiswell volunteers will assist with behavioral observations using remote monitoring equipment, and data entry and processing in databases and spreadsheets. These positions do not include direct interactions with animals.
  • Walrus Research Photo Monitoring & Tagging - This is our second year of monitoring walruses using still photography. We monitor the number of animals and disturbances to the herds. There are thousands of images that need to be logged and analyzed. The image counting takes time and patience. Best hours to work with our team would be regular business hours on week days. You will work on a computer in our research laboratory.

All volunteer positions may include performing other duties related to the Center's goals and mission statement.


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