: Brie :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-18-11: Brie was found by a fisherman on the mudflats of Kenai, abandoned by her mother. She was admitted to the ASLC's rehabilitation program later in the day. Brie is estimated to be just a few days old, and is already underweight and dehydrated.

5-19-11: Extra fluids have been administered to Brie throughout the night to relieve her dehydration. Today she is more alert, and has eye rings - rings of wetness around her eyes which indicate the proper level of hydration. Harbor Seal Formula is being integrated into her diet.

5-20-11: Brie is now on antibiotics to fight off an infection. She also started having supervised swim times today.

5-25-11: Brie continues to gain weight, and is becomming very feisty!

5-31-11: Today Brie spent some time outside in a seal condo - an area where the seals have their own pool and a large deck to haul out on.

6-7-11: Brie is continuing to gain weight, and seems to enjoy spending her days outside where she can see and hear the other seals.

6-14-11: Tomorrow Brie is scheduled to start fish school, the first step in learning to eat fish!

6-18-11: Brie is doing great in fish school. Her caretakers expect her to be eating fish within the next day or two.

6-21-11: Brie now lives in a larger enclosure, where she can have access to her own pool throughout the entire day. She is being feed Herring, and no longer needs to be tube-fed.

6-26-11: Brie's fish are delivered to her through a fish cannon - a long PVC pipe with water flowing through it - directly into the water. This is another technique used to keep the feeding process as natural as possible, and to keep the seals from associating people with food.

7-2-11: Brie continues to eat well and gain weight.

7-9-11: Brie is more than half way to the ASLC's required release weigh of 25.0 kg.

7-16-11: Deemed healthy and able to forage for fish, Brie and Sangria are now sharing the pre-release pool. Flipper tags were applied to each animal for positive identification.

7-26-11: Brie continues to thrive in the pre-release pool. Last week, two more seals joined her and Sangria - Pepperjack and Pinot.

8-10-11: Brie is almost at release weight! She is a top competitor for fish in the pool.

8-18-11: Today Brie had her pre-release blood draw. Her release date should be set soon!

8-26-11: Brie continues to do well - she is still awaiting her release date.

9-2-11: Brie's release date is set for next Thursday, 9-8, in Kenai, AK. She will be released with Sangria.

9-8-11: The release went great! After leaving the safety of her transport kennel, Brie made her way to the ocean quickly and without hesitation. She could be seen this afternoon swimming along the shoreline, checking out her new home.


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