: Muenster :
Species: Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

5-20-11: A sea otter was found on the beach in Homer, AK this morning. She was lethargic when carefully approached by a SeaLife Center volunteer, yet she still entered the water to forage.

5-21-11: The decision was made to bring Muenster to the ASLC. She received sub-cutaneous fluids (fluids injected beneath the skin), and started eating well later in the night.

5-25-11: Today Muenster had a CT scan to see if she has any underlying head injuries. The procedure went well, and Muenster returned to her normal routine of eating, sleeping and grooming right away.

5-27-11: Muenster has been having trouble keeping up with her grooming, making it nearly impossible for her to regulate her temperature. Sea otters don't have blubber like most marine mammals, but instead rely on their dense fur coat for insulation. Additional heat and moving air are being provided to help her keep her coat clean and dry.

5-29-11: This morning Muenster was in poor condition, and quickly became unresponsive. Despite the efforts of the rehabilitation staff, she was unable to be saved. A necropsy (an autopsy for animals) will be done later today to determine the cause of death.


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