: Port :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-6-11: A male harbor seal pup has been seen laying in the same place on a beach in Homer, AK, for two days. Some concerned citizens called the Alaska SeaLife Center's stranding hotline, and it was decided that the pup should be rescued. Thank you to Ben Belfiglio and Debbie Wrigley for their assistance in observing, capturing and transporting the seal to the ASLC.

6-7-11: The pup is having blood work done today to determine his overall health. His results will come in later today.

6-9-11: Port's blood work results are good! He is being tube-fed Harbor Seal formula 5 times a day, like the rest of the youngest seal pups in the ASLC's rehab facility.

6-13-11: It's a big day for Port - he's stable and healthy enough to swim! It's also his first day on fish formula.

6-17-11: Port has been spending some time outside in a condo the past few days. He's still underweight, and not quite ready to spend the night yet.

6-21-11: Today was Port's first day of fish school! He chased live fish for a while before losing interest.

6-27-11: Today Port had a routine vet exam - all is well with Port! As far as eating fish goes, Port is not interested.

7-2-11: Port doesn't understand that fish are food. He's still being tube-fed fish formula, until he can figure it out.

7-3-11: Port had a high temperature today, and was acting very abnormal. He will be under close supervision for the next few days.

7-9-11: Port is back to normal, and seems to be feeling better. Another round of fish school started today. Maybe this will be Port's lucky week!

7-13-11: Port continues to be fish schooled, but he seems more interested in sucking on the side of his tote than anything else.

7-20-11: Today Port moved to a bigger pool with Merlot as his new pool-mate. They are the only two seals still not eating fish on their own.

7-26-11: Tomorrow Port will get his own pool again, due to Merlot's increasing level of aggression.

7-31-11: Port had a rough day. His heart rate was increased, and he wasn't very responsive. He was stabilized through emergency treatment, and was put on a new feeding plan.

8-10-11: Port has improved dramatically since last week. Today he is even showing signs that he will be eating fish on his own soon.

8-20-11: Great news! Last week Port began eating fish on his own. He is doing so well that he now lives with Merlot, Pepperjack and Pinot in the big pre-release pool.

8-26-11: Although he is still gaining weight, Port has been struggling to catch up with the other seals, and isn't quite ready to compete for his fish. He moved into his own pool to practice eating by himself for a little while longer.

9-1-11: Port had bloodwork done today - all is well! He also moved into a new pool with Bleu and Parmesan.

9-10-11: Port has a tentative release date in early October. Until then, he will be fed a diet high in calories to increase his body weight.

9-23-11: Port and Bleu will be released on October 8, in Homer, AK.


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