: Colby :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

7-12-11: Good samaritans at the campgrounds in Seward noticed Colby alone on the beach throughout the day. The Alaska SeaLife Center was notified, and rehab staff evaluated the pup. He was admitted to the rehabilitation department that evening.

7-13-11: Colby was stabilized throughout the night, and is being tube-fed fluids and electrolytes.

7-16-11: Colby has started fish school, and is already eating live fish.

7-21-11: Today Colby moved to his own pool, with deck space that he can haul out onto whenever he wants. It is apparent that he isn't using his hind flippers at all to swim. This is very unusual for a harbor seal - the hind flippers are what typically propel these animals through the water. X-rays revealed no visible reason for his lameness.

7-26-11: Despite Colby's condition, he is able to swim well, and he eats his fish very quickly.

8-10-11: Colby's flippers are looking much better! He is now living in an outdoor pool, with other seals right next door!

8-20-11: Colby is gaining weight steadily.

8-26-11: Colby has been moved into the pre-release pool. He is competing for fish like a champ.

8-31-11: Colby had bloodwork done today - all is well!

9-10-11: Colby and Pepperjack are scheduled to be released next week! Stop by the beach at Lowell Point in Seward on September 16th to see them off!

9-16-11: The release went great - Colby and Pepperjack are back in the wild.


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