: Meshik :
Species: Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)

3-12-12: Meshik was found by residents of Port Heiden on Meshik Beach, with his mother who was deceased. His name is from the Yupik language, meaning "wind" or "windy." The ASLC staff would like to thank the residents of Port Heiden for their considerate effort caring for Meshik, and their cooperation regarding the incredible logistics of this multi-community transport.

3-13-12: After spending the night being cared for in Port Heiden, Meshik was flown into King Salmon where an ASLC veterinarian joined him for his flight into Anchorage. He arrived at the ASLC's rehabilitation department around 11pm, and received a thorough exam. He is in good body condition.

3-14-12: Meshik took to suckling from a bottle on his first try! He was re-hydrated with oral fluids for 24 hours, and over the next few days will be slowly transitioning to a formula specially designed for sea otter pups.

3-15-12: Meshik has begun to establish a routine, which consists of eating, sleeping, swimming and grooming. Rehabilitation staff is working 24 hours a day to care for him as his mother would.

3-16-12: Sea otters require a tremendous amount of calories to keep up with their high metabolic needs. Pups Meshik's age consume 30-35% of their body weight every day. To facilitate Meshik's needs, he is being bottle fed a high calorie formula made with squid, clams and essential nutrients, every three hours around the clock.

3-18-12: Meshik becomes more stable every day, and has begun to gain some weight.

3-20-12: Today Meshik got his first taste of solid clams while at the ASLC, and he thought they were great! This is the first step of the gradual process of weaning.

3-22-12: Meshik is becoming increasingly active and curious! He has been enjoying playing in the snow and exploring the sea otter nursery.

3-24-12: A portion of Meshik's food each day is now made up of small pieces of clam. Staff are teaching him how to eat the clam off of his chest while lying on his back.

3-26-12: Ice is fun! Meshik has been having a great time today, playing in bins full of ice.

3-28-12: Meshik's activity level has increased significantly. He is a playful and easy-going pup.

3-30-12: Today Meshik practiced his diving. Although he hasn't quite figured out how to collect his toys, he loves to dive to the bottom of his shallow pool and pick up one toy at a time.

4-1-12: It's no April fools joke! Meshik has a new home! Pittsburgh Zoo


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